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Welcome speech from the animals in africa

Communicated by Christa Bjørneby, February 11th 2015


The animals- elephant, lion, zebra, crocodile, monkeys, birds and several others I have invited, are entering my room. They bow formally.

Then a powerful elephant steps forward, bows again and starts talking:


We welcome you – we are deeply thankful that you will talk to us!

We have waited a long time…

(His energy is powerful, it is vibrating and radiating gratitude and intense love..)

We greet you all welcome to our paradise – which is also your paradise – our Mother Earth!

Because, THAT IS what it is: Paradise is on earth, and we – you – are allowed to exist, to experience paradise.

And in paradise, the meaning is that love shall prevail – unconditional love to all that is – ALL LIFE!

It means that everyone in paradise lives side by side with respect and acceptance for each to have their ”part”/mission – that everyone is just as essential, important and valuable.



We, the animals, know this – and relate to this by living in interaction with nature, nature laws, as well as trying to live in harmony and balance.

I am saying ”trying to” on purpose, because it has become very difficult with time. You humans are ”disturbing”, ruining a lot of this interaction, unconscious and unfortunately conscious! Many of you carry with you intentions which brings imbalance and disharmony to Mother Earth, and therefore denying love.


We are helpless – in despair by what is happening to Mother Earth. WE ARE ASKING FOR YOUR HELP – help to again see the value of all that is – to see the interactions and to see everything as a whole!


We are honored and thankful for your visit and we are looking forward to show you the beauty of us and the nature – of life in freedom and interaction with nature. We want to show you a ”life in the present” – the pleasure of the moment, even though death can be ”just around the corner”.


We ask you to use all your senses, especially to feel! Feel – feel us, our energy. Open your heart up, let our souls speak. It might enrich your experience in a ”new” way. By feeling us/feeling how we are doing, you can bring a ”new” knowledge back home. You will gain a greater knowledge of the interaction and the respect for all life that you can tell others, and that can affect others.


THIS is of importance now! –

Time has come to spread greater insight and knowledge of the animals among the humans. This will create changes both in attitude, values and actions.


By accepting and respecting life in interaction with each other, we – the animals and you –  are contributing to harmony and balance for Mother Earth. This means leaving the road of, for instance, greed, destructions and homicide.


We wish, with all our power and with your help, to preserve our – your – paradise.

We are longing to again live in harmony, balance, dignity and love – side by side with you.




You – and me/we – each and everyone – is a piece of the big puzzle…. and we are all equally important!

We have hope and trust for you to help us; communicate our message!


In deep humility and gratitude we are WELCOMING you…



He looks at me with a pleading and ”relieved” look…and I ask if there is anything else he/they wants to say…

Everyone shakes their head… And again he says: I am so infinitely thankful that you wanted to listen…


Then, one by one and in line, they slowly walk out….

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