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Polar bears on Svalbard

Communication 09/11/2012

Received 11.09. 2012 by Merete Jacobsen, Flammehuset.

polar bears.jpg

Free flow:

(I feel a powerful deep frequency, vibrating in the body)


We've been silent for so long that there is a stone in the heart of our souls group.

It is now time to crush it and let the wisdom of minerals infiltrate us.


The wisdom comes flowing like the northern lights from heaven to Earth and is integrated in all plants and leaves, stones and mountains, animals and human beings. Plants can take advantage of this directly, they are 100% x 10 present in their energy at any given time. The purest of all. Without plants nothing lives, Stones carry you and me. The stone, the mountain is the guardian of the wisdom of time immemorial. Along with the ocean this wisdom is spread throughout Gaia, the salty water has an extremely good ability to retain the information stored within it. When earthquakes happen, it is the earth itself that stores information for further travels into eternity. Be aware of what information you store in Gaia's feelings. They are our collective emotions from the inside out.
The plants are the lights mediators in the purest form, in an extreme presence without time and space.
The mountain is Mother Nature's masterpiece as you have the pyramids. The mountain is tens of thousands times grander than what you see. It accepts and transports and spreads the energy of our Earth's heart.
The ocean is the mediator of what once was Rodinia when all continents were one.
When Earth was still one. We are still one through the ocean.
This is the basic wisdom.

We animals have the task to show you what you do here on Earth. We reflect and guide you through our mutual heartbeats. Our highest mission and responsibility is to help Gaia to bring down the frequencies, live them out and work them in. It is to allow imbalances to be expressed, and we always act in line with the resonance of the Earth and what happens in- and on it. When the imbalances flare up like a storm at sea we have already shown you that will happen... By listening to us animals, see us animals, feel us animals you will achieve balance and stand firm when it blows up to stormy weather. This is the clearest flow and interaction we can have. We are the guides and it is Man who must act. That is why their bodies are built the way it is, to take the responsibility and put wisdom into action.
All animal species has their own mission. From reptiles in the ground to the wild animals and the animals who have chosen to live with you on farms and in houses. Even the animals you look down on, and which you do not like, does a tremendous job for mother Earth. This is wisdom that will come when you are ready for it. Together all create magic.
The minerals and the plants will manage fine without animals and humans. The animals need plants, but Man needs both animals and plants to live. I could tell you just one word that would lift this realm. GRATITUDE.

SEE what you are taking, SEE what you are doing! Take responsibility for it!

HEAR what you are thinking, and LISTEN to what you are saying! Take responsibility for it!

Act and talk in line with your feelings, be in your feelings from the heart!
Take responsibility for your own feelings! Act in accordance with the hearts frequency and feelings!

A final plea: Please open your eyes NOW!
The nature is dying around you, and the blame is pushed over on each other ... It is every Man's responsibility to take care of what the Earth offers you in a respectful manner and in gratitude.


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